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How do I cancel my booking and/or request a refund?
How do I cancel my booking and/or request a refund?

You are no longer able to travel and want to cancel the trip. This is how!

Updated over a week ago

Cancellations can and do happen - whether it's a sudden change in plans or an injury that stops you in your tracks. You may find yourself in a situation where you need to cancel your upcoming trip as soon as possible. While WeTravel is a booking & payment platform used by travel companies, you will need to message your trip organizer directly to request a refund or to cancel your booking!

In order to cancel your trip and/or request a refund, you will need to contact your trip organizer directly.

There are several ways how you could contact your trip organizer:

1. You can follow these quick steps to send them a question or cancellation inquiry. Please also check if your trip organizer added their contact number or email address to their Profile page with WeTravel, as it could be very helpful when requesting a cancellation. This is how you could access your organizer's Profile page:

2. You can do that directly on your booking dashboard by clicking on "message the organizer" in the Cancellation & Refunds section as shown below:

If it takes a while to receive a reply to your cancellation request, feel free to send your trip organizer another message via your WeTravel booking dashboard.

IMPORTANT: Cancellation/refund policies are set by the trip organizer. We recommend reviewing the policy stated on the trip page and in the liability waiver as well as revising any documents that were provided to you by your trip organizer earlier.

Please keep in mind that if you forward your booking cancellation request to WeTravel's customer support at, we will unfortunately not be able to complete your cancellation request. Your trip organizer is fully responsible for canceling your booking and for issuing any refunds as per the agreed cancellation terms.

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