Branded Login Pages and Custom URLs

Learn how to put your brand front and center with branded login pages and custom URL links.

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Note: These features are only enabled for WeTravel Pro users.

Do you want to create your own custom URL with your company name as a subdomain in order to offer a more seamless booking experience to your clients? Or perhaps you want to direct your clients to a branded login page in order to ensure a more consistent customer journey?

We worked tirelessly to make it all happen! 👏🏼

In order to set your custom URL, just go to your profile:

And scroll all the way down to WeTravel Pro settings:

Here, you can enter your preferred company name and then click on the “Save Custom URL” button. The following pop-up will appear:

Just click “Confirm Custom URL” to complete the setup. That’s it - you can now copy and share this URL link with your clients to offer them a seamless, branded login experience when they need to make future payments, update their booking, build contribution pages, and more.

Before logging in, here is what your customers will see when they click on the URL you just shared or on any links in our automated emails (payment reminders, auto-billing receipts, etc.) The branded login page will contain your logo and company name in both the URL and top left corner of the screen:

After successful login, your customers will be able to manage their bookings and payments as usual.

Custom URL for trip pages

Let’s say you have already added your custom URL to your WeTravel account. After publishing a trip, you will now see the trip link containing your added subdomain:

Don’t worry - both new & existing trip links will work and show the same up-to-date content. So if you already published links on social media or via email, those links will still work without any issues. See example below.



FAQ - frequently asked questions

I have set up my custom URL successfully. What if I want to change/update it in the future?

If you want to change or update your custom URL at a later point, please contact our dedicated customer support team at and we will be glad to reset it for you.

Does this feature work on both mobile and web browsers?

Yes, this feature and customer experience are fully rolled out on both mobile and web browsers.

Can I add special characters to my subdomain?

Currently, you can only use letters, numbers, and the dash symbol (-).

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Please contact us if you have any other questions. We will be happy to help!

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