This WeTravel Pro feature will allow your clients to fundraise and let them collect payments from their family and friends to pay towards the trip balance.

The contribution page option can be enabled from the Trip Builder's Pricing section on a per-trip basis. Just set the toggle at "Yes" to allow your participants to create contribution pages for their payments.

Now, your customers can set up their contributions page from their Manage Booking page. Here are thorough instructions for your clients.

Here's how the contribution page looks like. Your participants can change the picture, title and first paragraph of the contribution page. The page will count progress towards the trip balance and the number of contributors.

Your clients can share this page online to collect payments from family and friends. The payments will account towards the trip balance and will show up in your reporting like payments from the customer themselves.

Contributions page FAQ

Can the contributed payment be refunded?

Yes, the payment can be refunded like any other payment connected to the booking. Here's how to issue refunds.

Can multiple people contribute to the same person?

Yes, there is no limit for the people who can contribute per booking.

Can I deactivate contributions for a trip even after contribution pages have been made live?

Contributions Pages that have already been created by your participants stay active and the “Share Your Contribution Page” button is still available for the participants.

Can the participant deactivate and reactivate their contributions page?

Yes, they can do both at their convenience. Once the contributions page has been deactivated no contributions can be submitted.

How are contribution payments marked in reporting?

Contribution payments are recorded like any other payments in our reporting. The contributor name and email are not visible in reporting. You can see that info in the activity log of each booking.

What info is required from the contributor?

Their name and email.

What is the statement descriptor for these payments?

The statement descriptor for contribution payments is "WT* Participant First Name Trip Payment" and it's maximum 22 characters long (e.g. WT* John Trip Payment).

What is the minimum contribution?

The minimum contribution is $5.

What is the maximum contribution amount?

The maximum contribution amount is the remaining balance (including installments due in the future). E.g. if the participant has paid $200 of a $1,000 trip then the maximum amount that the contributor can pay is $800.

Can the contributor choose the amount they want to pay?

Yes, the contribution payment amount can be freely chosen.

Is the contribution page available in all currencies?

At the moment, contribution pages can only be created for USD trips.

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