UPDATE: Standard policies typically reimburse only travelers who fall ill during the course of a trip for emergency evacuation or an emergency hospital visit. Beyond that, no policies cover events like a viral outbreak.

In the case of the coronavirus, insurance carriers aren’t providing protection against consumers deciding of their own volition to not travel. The exception is cancel-for-any-reason policies. Insurance carriers used to offer these packages for a hefty premium price tag. However, most carries have stopped offering cancel-for-any-reason policies in mid-February.

WeTravel recommends that you acquire comprehensive travel insurance which includes emergency evacuation, repatriation coverage and cancellation coverage. 

The costs of your travel insurance will depend on the trip price, its destination and length. It could range between $20 - $250.

We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance from our trusted partner Travelex. We have found that they have very fair rates for the quality of service they are providing.

Get a quote from our trusted partner Travelex. The location number to purchase WeTravel's travel insurance is 05-1361.

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