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How to transfer money to a supplier?
How to transfer money to a supplier?

Learn how to transfer funds to your suppliers and partners. It's fast, secure and free!

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Transferring funds from one WeTravel user to another is simple, fast and free. Please note that you can only transfer to suppliers if both of your accounts are verified.

How to transfer money to a supplier?

You can set up a new transfer by clicking the Transfer button in the Payments section of your Dashboard.

Select the Transfer to Supplier option.

You can also add a supplier in the Suppliers tab in your Payments section.

You'll need to specify the following to initiate a transfer to a supplier:

  • The amount you want to transfer

  • Which currency balance you want to transfer from

  • Search for a supplier or select one from the list

Note: Your supplier will receive the transfer in the same currency you sent it in. If you send USD, they will also receive USD. When they transfer it to their bank account they can choose another supported currency to convert it to.

In the next step, you can review the supplier you've selected, choose the purpose of your payment and leave a note for your transfer. This note will appear in the list of transfers in your Payments tab.

In the final step, you can review the details of the transfer. You can still edit the amount or the reference text; this will take you back to the previous step.

When everything is correct, click the Confirm Transfer button. You'll see a confirmation screen and the money will be transferred to your supplier within seconds. Both you and your supplier will receive an email confirmation about the transfer.

It is important to note that WeTravel has the right to request additional verification documents or information in order to further validate the identity of an individual or company. WeTravel reserves the right to decline payment services to any user at any time, at its sole discretion.

Note: You can access and download the report of your supplier transfers by going to Transactions reporting. Just follow these quick instructions here.

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