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How to set up your virtual WeTravel Card?
How to set up your virtual WeTravel Card?

Learn how to set up your virtual WeTravel Visa card in minutes.

Updated over a week ago

IMPORTANT: The use of all WeTravel Cards (plastic and/or virtual) is temporarily suspended.

Currently, it is not possible to create, top-up, or use any WeTravel Card.

We hope to resume WeTravel Cards soon with a new payment processor; you can track live updates here. In the meantime, please send funds to partners and suppliers via Supplier Transfer.

We sincerely apologize for any disruptions this suspension caused to your operations. Contact our support team for more information.

With WeTravel Card you can you get real-time access to any funds you collected. You can use your virtual WeTravel Card anywhere Visa® is accepted, with no monthly fees, sign-up fees, or annual fees. It's the simplicity you expect from WeTravel.

How to set up WeTravel Card?

To set up your virtual WeTravel card, go to the WeTravel Cards menu option in the main menu.

Click on the Create WeTravel Card button.

Click on the Create Virtual Card button.

You’ll need to add at least $100 to your virtual card in order to create it. If you don't yet have $100 in your account, you will have to wait until further funds become available before creating your card.

Click the Add Money To Card button.

Type in how much you want to transfer to WeTravel Card and include a reference note for yourself. You can only transfer money to WeTravel Card from your USD Balance, other currencies are not supported as of now. After this, click the Continue button.

After this step, you have to confirm the transfer. If you want to change the amount or the note text, you can still do that in this step by clicking on them. Click on Confirm Transfer to create the card.

Now, you'll have to enter the name you want to appear on the card and your address.

Note: if you don't have a US address, tick the box and we will provide you with a US address that you can use as your billing address when paying.

Your US address, in this case, will be:

480 2nd Street
San Francisco
94107 CA
United States

You'll also have to agree to the WeTravel Card Program Agreement before you can create your card.

After you fill in your details, agree to the Program Agreement and click the Create Card your virtual WeTravel Card will be created and you will be taken to the WeTravel Card dashboard.

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