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How do reviews work on WeTravel?
How do reviews work on WeTravel?

Learn how to showcase great feedback from your customers on WeTravel.

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How can I request reviews from my participants?

After organizing a successful trip using WeTravel, we help you to collect reviews. 

WeTravel automatically sends review requests 2 days after the trip is over. If your participant has not yet written a review we send a reminder 7 days later.

If you want to request reviews personally, just send your participants this link. After logging in, they will see a "Write Review" button next to their trip.

Where are the reviews visible?

Your reviews are visible on your profile page and at the bottom of every trip that you organize.

How can I respond to a review?

Go to your Profile, then to Reviews to reply. The replies will be displayed under the reviews on your profile page and at the bottom of every trip you organize. You can always edit the answer if needed.

Your team members with "Respond to reviews" permission can reply to participant reviews on the trips they have access to.

Can I import reviews from other platforms? 

We strive to keep WeTravel reviews completely authentic and fully verified. Therefore, we only allow reviews from users that have paid through WeTravel. However, previous testimonies from clients could be added as "References" into your WeTravel profile. Your prior users can add a reference by clicking "Write Reference" on your profile page. These references will also be shown alongside your reviews, but will not have a star-rating.

Can I embed WeTravel reviews onto my website?

With WeTravel, you can embed a review widget onto your website. The widget showcases real verified reviews of clients who have participated in your trips.

You can find the code in the Reviews section of your Profile:

You will now access the widget creator with options to either show the review count or stars or both for all of your reviews. Please select a combination that works best and copy the code.

You can now paste that code into your website. It will create the exact review widget you have just designed. Clicking on the button directs your clients to the reviews section of your profile.


The WeTravel widget works with custom websites, WordPress websites, Squarespace, Weebly and many other web platforms.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about our reviews by contacting us.

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