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How to embed a ‘Contact Us’ form into your website?
How to embed a ‘Contact Us’ form into your website?

Learn how to embed a customizable contact form into your website.

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With WeTravel, you can easily integrate a customizable contact form into your website and receive instant notifications when someone submits questions via the form.

Please follow the brief tutorial below on embedding a [Contact Us] button into your webpage using our contact form widget to get started.

First - this is where you can find the code

  1. Go to your Profile section and click on Website Widgets:

    2. Go to your Manage Trip page and then click on Promote. Scroll down and select "Contact Us":

Please note that the contact form code is universal and not trip-specific. You can obtain the code from any of your trip builders and embed it into your website as a universal contact form.

Widget Creator - Contact Us

You can customize the title and color of the contact form button, select the message that will be displayed on the form, and choose whether to include the phone number field. Please be aware that all fields in the form are mandatory, including the phone number if you choose to display it.

After creating the form, copy the code by clicking on 'Copy HTML'.

You are now ready to paste that code into your website. It will create the exact contact form you have just designed (example):

After a potential lead or customer successfully submits an inquiry, you (the organizer) will receive it instantly in your email inbox (see example below). You can then reply to the client’s inquiry directly from there. A copy of the original question will also be sent to your customers.


With WeTravel Pro, you can easily access the list of all the emails that contacted you from your website. This will help you gauge potential buyers’ interest in your trips and generate new leads.

To view the leads, simply go "Payments" and then navigate to the "Leads" section. Here, you will find a list of all the leads, which you can further filter by lead type. If a customer has signed up for the trip, their email will be marked as "Booked" under the "Booking Status." If they have sent you a question via the form but haven't signed up for the trip yet, their email will be marked as "Not Booked."

You can access lead details and send messages to your leads by clicking on the three dots next to any lead.

The following details will be displayed under the lead details (example):


The contact form button works with custom websites, WordPress websites, Squarespace, Weebly, and many other web platforms. Please note that the overlay feature does not work with the hosted WordPress "Free" and "Personal" versions and will have limitations with certain Wix templates.

Other embedding possibilities:

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