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How to change my default payment method?
How to change my default payment method?

Learn how to change your default payment method with just a few clicks.

Updated over a week ago

If you'd like to update your current payment method, there are two ways:

2. Change your payment method in payment settings:

Choose "Profile" from the main menu and "Payment Settings" on the left-hand side.

Here, we will display your Cards and Bank Accounts separately. The top payment method is your current default payment method.

You can switch the default payment method by choosing between existing payment methods (or remove an old payment method):

Or, you can add a new payment method if you wish:

It is important to note that whenever you make a payment using a new payment method, that method automatically becomes the default option for that currency going forward. This means that even if a previous payment method is still stored in your "Payment Settings," the new payment method will be added and set as the default for that currency.

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