Supplier list

Learn how to use the supplier list.

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Transferring funds from one WeTravel user to another is simple, fast and free.

Note: You can only transfer to suppliers if your account is verified.

How to use the supplier list?

In your Payments tab, under the Suppliers section, you will find a list of your suppliers. You can use the search box to easily find the one you are looking for.

You can click on the name of a verified supplier to get to the Details view for that specific connection. You will notice the ✅ symbol close to your verified supplier.

Please note that any suppliers who haven't signed up to WeTravel yet will show as "Invite Pending" in the list.

Suppliers who are already WeTravel users and have started verifying their accounts will show as "Verification in progress" in the list.

Suppliers who are already WeTravel users but haven't started the verification process will be labelled as "Verification not started" in the list. Please note that WeTravel will send an email to your suppliers with detailed instructions on how to verify their accounts.

Please note that it is not possible to transfer funds to users who are still in the process of verification or have not yet been verified.

Resend invite

If the supplier you invited hasn't signed up yet, you can send them another invite.

Supplier details

On this page more information about your supplier is available. Here, you can also add a note about the supplier (visible only to you). 

You can initiate a transfer by clicking on the Transfer Money button in the upper right corner. 

A list of recent transfers you've sent them is visible at the bottom of the page.

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