WeTravel and VAT

What is VAT and how does WeTravel handle European VAT for payments in EUR and GBP.

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Value Added Tax (“VAT”) in the European Union (“EU”) is a tax assessed on the supply of goods and services.

WeTravel may be required, through our Dutch subsidiary WeTravel BV, to collect VAT on any WeTravel Fee from Travel Organizers if their payment is collected in EUR or GBP. By default, all WeTravel Fees are excluding VAT. 

All EU Travel Organizers have to supply Wetravel BV with a valid EU VAT ID Number.

Whether or not WeTravel will be charging VAT on WeTravel's Fee depends on the following:

  • All Travel Organizers in the Netherlands are subject to 21% VAT charged on WeTravel's Fee.

  • All EU Travel Organizers outside of the Netherlands have to apply the reverse charge for VAT on WeTravel’s fees to Wetravel BV. 

  • If it cannot be established that the EU Travel Organizer is not a taxable person for VAT purposes, the Travel Organizer is subject to 21% VAT charged on WeTravel's Fee.

  • For all Non-EU Travel Organizers charging their customers in EUR or GBP, WeTravel is providing a data processing service which is not taxable under EU VAT.

Please consult with your tax advisor for advice regarding your VAT obligations with respect to the WeTravel Fee charged to you for using WeTravel and the collection of VAT from participants on your sales.

WeTravel can not provide any tax advice.

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