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How to embed a 'Book Now' button into your website?
How to embed a 'Book Now' button into your website?

Learn how to embed your trip check-out process into your website by adding a Book Now button.

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The WeTravel button works with custom websites, WordPress websites, Squarespace, Weebly and many other web platforms. Please note that the overlay feature does not work with the hosted WordPress "Free" and "Personal" versions and will have limitations with certain Wix templates. Here's an alternative way of adding a Book Now button to your Wix website.

With WeTravel, clients can book your trips without having to leave your own website. 

Our embedded checkout process creates an iFrame overlay on your webpage, which makes it easy to keep clients on your website while they're booking their trip and helps with keeping your branding more consistent!

Please follow this short tutorial to embed a [Book Now] button into your webpage using our button widget. 

First - this is where you can find the code in your trip dashboard:

Widget Creator - Button

Here you can customize the text and color of the button. If you prefer it to be not a button but a link then just check the "Text link" checkbox. Copy the code by clicking on 'Copy HTML'.

You can now paste that code into your website. It will create the exact button you have just designed. Clicking on the button creates an overlay checkout process on your own website:

Customize the button even more
If you need to customize the button further and make it exactly in the same style as the other buttons on your website, you can easily do so with very basic web development skills. It will take any web developer less than 2 minutes to add the button class already used in your website to the HTML code provided by WeTravel.

While WeTravel cannot assist with further customization requests, we have put together this quick tutorial on how you can easily customize the booking buttons on your website:

Please note that the widget will update automatically when you make changes to your trip, so there's no need to re-embed it on your website.

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