WeTravel's marketplace uses an algorithm that ranks trips by popularity (e.g., number of participants joined, the volume of funds transacted on our site, 'likes,' past trips from the same organizer, feedback/reviews). 

While it is possible to create a booking page without the intent of using it to take registrations and payments for all or the majority of your group, it would in that case not meet the requirements for our marketplace

If each of your participants registers and pays for their trips through our system (whether they're directed to a WeTravel URL or register directly via a "book now" button on your site), the activity will improve the ranking of your offering as well as give prospective joiners more confidence in signing up for a trip that seems to be filling up and gaining popularity.

We have designed our marketplace this way with the intent of putting our best foot forward to those searching our site. We are giving the highest visibility to trips that have already gained traction and are offered by vetted organizers with whom we have a working relationship. This increases the probability that we're able to match prospective participants with the best travel experiences possible.

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