COVID-19 Participant FAQ

Learn more about COVID-19 related refunds and voucher options that might be offered by travel businesses that use WeTravel's platform.

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When a trip gets cancelled due to COVID-19, travel businesses that use WeTravel's payment system are expected to offer refunds or vouchers for future travel.

Refunds for trips due to COVID-19

If you’re concerned about attending a trip due to COVID-19, contact the trip organizer to see what refund options are available.

Refund options

Travel businesses that use WeTravel set their own cancellation and refund policies.

Due to the unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 situation, many travel businesses have already paid their suppliers (airlines, hotels, bus companies, etc...) and are unable to receive cash refunds from these suppliers. Therefore, some might not be able to provide cash refunds. During COVID-19, the following are possible refund options:

  • Postponing of the group trip to a future date (in coordination with Group Leaders)

  • Vouchers for future travel

  • A combination of cash refunds and vouchers for future travel

Please note that trip cancellations are in most cases related to government prohibitions on travel. Recent Visa/Mastercard guidelines approve the above refund options for travel that is cancelled due to COVID-19 related government restrictions.

Protecting Yourself

Please follow the preventative measures recommended by the WHO and local authorities and public health agencies like the CDC.

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