When a party has booked a package and the whole party wants to switch packages please use the "Switch Package" function.

When a party has booked a package and one participant from the party wants to switch to a different package, you will have to use a workaround involving the "Add Participant" function. There will be two scenarios:

A) The participant has paid less than needed or the exact amount needed.
B) The participant has paid more than needed.

Here is how to proceed:

1. Go to "My Trips" and click "Manage Trip". 

2. Click "Cancel booking" next to the name for which you want to change the package. This will cancel the existing booking but will not issue a refund. At this point, please make sure you have participant information at hand. For that, we recommend downloading the Excel list and having it open before proceeding.

3. Create a discount code in the exact amount per person your client has already paid. For that, go to "Edit Trip" - Pricing and save the code (please click here for more information on discount codes). This is the code for our test case:

4. Go back to the trip dashboard and click on "Add Participant" to book your client a new package.

5. Choose the number of participants in the booking, select the appropriate package and add-ons, apply the discount code, and click "Continue".

6. You will now have to enter participant information. It will be now handy to have the participant information from the Excel list at hand. Once the information is filled in, please click on Continue to Payment.

6A. Your participant has paid less than needed or the exact amount needed.

Choose "No payment made yet" and click on "Confirm Payment". If a payment plan has been set up they will be automatically enrolled. More info on the "Add Participant" function here.

Click on "Confirm Booking" and you have signed up your client with another package! You will see the following message: "Participant successfully added". If there are any discrepancies in the balance due please feel free to use the Custom Price function to make any corrections.

6B. Your participant has paid more than needed
Sign them up as instructed above but refund the excess amount using our partial refund function

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