WeTravel does not have fully automated payment plans that organizers can setup for their participants. However, if an organizer would like to establish a payment plan for a participant, there is a manual way with our "Custom Price" feature. Here is how:

Let's assume we have a trip that costs $2000 and has a deposit of $500. Here is how to set up a payment plan so that the participant can pay in 4 installments of $500:

1. The participant pays the $500 deposit as usual. 

2. The organizer then goes to his dashboard and sets a "Custom Price" for the participant of $1000. 

Setting this custom price will automatically send an email to the participant with a link to pay the remaining balance ($500)

3. When the third installment is due, the organizer does this again and sets a custom price, this time to $1500.

4. Then, the participant pays the third installment ($500) and has paid a total of $1500. 

5, When the last installment is due, the organizer again sets a custom price of $2000 for the fourth installments.

5. The participant pays the last installment of $500 and has then paid the total of $2000 in 4 installments.

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